Choosing the Red Pill

I spent years going through my life on the default setting. It was really easy to do. Everything happened to me, I was a victim of life. I was blameless. Somehow I woke up enough to start on a journey. A journey to reset the default setting. It’s been hard and easy and awful and beautiful and the further I go on it the more I realize it will never be over. The default setting is an organic thing that […]

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4 Reasons for Hiring a Coach

What’s going on with you? Are you in the middle of some crisis involving ennui, restlessness, personal disaster after personal disaster? Are you experiencing a desire to shake up everything in your life and start anew? Are you becoming uncomfortably aware of how much chaos goes on in your mind? Does it feel like there has to be a better way but you can’t quite see what that would be? Congratulations! These are all good signs that you are ready […]

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