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Mind Managing Moment

(Photo by Vince Fleming on Unsplash) Instead of making resolutions I have set two intentions for what I want to work on this year: To continue to work on the management of my chaotic mind. To become even more self responsible. This is a full time undertaking, believe me. To that end I wanted to […]

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Looking forward. Looking back.

(Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash) It’s a brand new year. YIPEE! I have never been one for resolutions, mainly because I forget what they are 2 hours after I’ve set them. However, this year I thought maybe I should come up with some…. and then I decided not to. Instead I took some time to look back […]

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I’m the Boss of Me

Photo by Steve Halama on Unsplash WHO’S TO BLAME? Radical self-responsibility is a catchy new phrase. To me it means being completely aware that I can blame no one for anything that happens in my life, no one. It’s all on me. When I first heard about radical self-responsibility I thought it was cute. I […]

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Racism. It’s been on my mind. The events in Charlottesville stunned me. I never thought I would see white people marching in the streets with torches spewing hate. I thought that was a thing of the past. Apparently it isn’t. How does someone believe that  marching wielding shields and bats while chanting slogans of hate […]

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Choosing the Red Pill

I spent years going through my life on the default setting. It was really easy to do. Everything happened to me, I was a victim of life. I was blameless. Somehow I woke up enough to start on a journey. A journey to reset the default setting. It’s been hard and easy and awful and […]

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5 Tips for Managing Your Stress

MANAGING YOUR STRESS? WHAT?   There is a good chance I have tricked you into reading this. I don’t have 5 tips for how to manage your stress because I don’t believe in managing your stress. Instead of managing your stress I believe in choosing not to be stressed in the first place. I know […]

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